The Alliance Option

The 1990s could well be called the “golden age of mergers.” In many industries, businesses merged in record numbers. Nowhere was “merger mania” more noticeable than in the financial and service sectors. Banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, accounting firms, consultants, hospitals and even medical practices merged and then remerged during a period of unprecedented economic […]

The Perfect Need Not Be the Enemy of the Good

At a recent law firm retreat, one of the partners asked me, “Is it true that most law firm mergers fail because they don’t make strategic sense?”  My immediate reaction was to agree.  Indeed, the strategic value of a lot of mergers is backfilled after the deal is done to justify it to clients and […]

When Providence Knocks

There is general agreement that law firm mergers will continue on the upsurge.  So what?  This means that it is likely that at least one potential merger partner will come knocking at your door and, while you are talking to them, another firm will be stealing your crown jewels.  Yes, there are some things you […]