As one result of the cost-cutting that law firms pursued in response to the recession, many firms have filled a number of their managerial and administrative functions with partners discharging those functions on either a part- or full-time basis. If nothing else, it raises some interesting compensation issues for the equity partners who now serve […]

Kicking the Can

Performance problems are difficult.  Dealing with under-performing partners, associates who are not meeting the firm’s standards, or people who are “culturally challenged” is awkward, embarrassing, unprofessional and messy.  It is often easier to look the other way and ignore the problem with the hope that it will somehow go away – the law firm equivalent […]

For many law firm partnerships, the default solution in dealing with underproductive partners is to fire them.  Presumably, the reason firms immediately choose the “nuclear option” is not because it is particularly attractive.  Rather, they simply don’t have the confidence that any other option will work.  This is unfortunate because they pass up a potentially […]