Local Clients, Local Work

The biggest factor in most law firms’ success is the quality of their client base.  In large measure this is because different clients have differing volumes of work, complexity of legal needs and price sensitivity.  Appropriately, therefore, many law firms’ strategic plans are built, at least in part, around improving their client base.  Unfortunately, there […]

The Low Cost Provider

A lot of law firms talk about using pricing to attract clients who don’t want to pay New York prices for top quality legal work.  But, for most firms, the Low Cost Provider strategy has not been particularly successful.  The answer may be for firms to learn from the pricing experience of businesses in the […]

If you have been involved in the practice of law for 20 years or more and listened to yesterday’s Sunday morning news shows, I’m sure that the talk of a bailout of banks and the creation of a resolution trust to manage and dispose of distressed real estate seemed like déjà vu.  It certainly reminded […]