Taking Advantage of a Recession: Seven Strategies for Opportunistic Law Firms

The natural reaction of most lawyers is to deal with an economic downturn in the same way they would handle a hurricane — hunker down, don’t take any unnecessary chances and try to survive until it is over. Given the risk adversity of most law firms, avoiding action may indeed be the best plan for […]

Five Unintended Consequences of Economic Recovery

As the global economy moves toward an eventual recovery, there will be some huge opportunities for law firms, as well as some minefields.  How firms deal with these issues may determine their short and long term success.  There are all sorts of possible scenarios but the five issues discussed below certainly appear to be the […]

Hitting the Reset Button

Technology is a huge part of all of our lives.  One common feature of almost every technological gadget we own is that when it hiccups, the first thing we have to do is hit the reset button.  Whether it’s an iPhone, Windows Vista, or your TV cable box, it seems the answer to every problem […]

If you have been involved in the practice of law for 20 years or more and listened to yesterday’s Sunday morning news shows, I’m sure that the talk of a bailout of banks and the creation of a resolution trust to manage and dispose of distressed real estate seemed like déjà vu.  It certainly reminded […]

Taking Advantage of Emerging Practice Areas

The economy is making a lot of firms nervous about the future of their traditional practice areas.  So, it’s not surprising that firms want to look at “emerging” practices – areas where they might be able to establish a position of strength before competitors are even aware that the practice exists.   But new niche practices […]