Plan B

The economic downturn has caused many businesses to reconsider the viability of their strategic direction.  This is especially true for law firms that primarily deal with business clients and are impacted by both the global decline in business transactions and clients’ overall desire to reduce costs by using less legal services.  For many law firms, […]

Creating a Burning Platform

When law firms go about attempting the implementation of strategies that involve some aspect of change for the firm, there is frequently a lot of talk about “burning platforms.”  The concept is that people, particularly lawyers, are resistant to change.  Therefore, even the most logical and rational justifications of change don’t seem to work unless […]

The Value of Partnership

I frequently hear Managing Partners comment that associates are different today than they used to be.  “Different” is, of course, often code for “not as good.”  We talk about Gen X and Gen Next in our efforts to understand what motivates young lawyers.  But, at the same time, it is worth noting that the structure […]