White Knight Mergers

Lawyers earn their living by advising clients on how to minimize risk.  Not surprisingly, therefore, risk adversity is a driving influence in many law firms’ management decision making.  So, when considering merger opportunities, firms have typically focused on merger partners that represent the least risk. For larger firms, minimizing risk means four possible merger strategies. ... Continue Reading »

The Cold Opening

Law firms are notoriously bad at execution.  They are usually pretty good at planning and plotting strategy, but when it... Read more »

Working Capital: How Much is Enough

The entire concept of capitalization is surprisingly misunderstood by many, otherwise business savvy, law firm partners.  Transactional lawyers spend their... Read more »

How Important is Collegiality?

Ask any law firm managing partner what his or her firm’s culture is like and, more than likely, you’ll hear,... Read more »
An important element of strategic planning for many law firms is the identification of specific areas of practice where the... Read more »