The Tall Poppy Syndrome and Origination Credit

Law firms talk a good game about sophisticated management but often, just when a firm reaches the verge of running like a business, its culture gets in the way.  Case in point is business origination: should it be measured, how should it be measured and what do we do with the data? Almost 25% of... Continue Reading »

Better Than Weeds?

Much has been written about the surplus of lawyers in the legal services marketplace.  While that is a problem for... Read more »
Certain management functions must be performed to make any business succeed. If two lawyers start a firm, it is logical... Read more »
  It is relatively rare to find a major business developer in a law firm who maintains a truly large... Read more »
Big Law is dying!  That’s the theme of thousands of articles and blog posts that show up on our desktops... Read more »