The Cold Opening

Law firms are notoriously bad at execution.  They are usually pretty good at planning and plotting strategy, but when it comes to actually doing something – it’s generally bopkis.  Actually, that’s not quite true.  When law firms want to implement an idea, there is usually an elaborate rollout with a big hoopla with  lots of... Continue Reading »

Working Capital: How Much is Enough

The entire concept of capitalization is surprisingly misunderstood by many, otherwise business savvy, law firm partners.  Transactional lawyers spend their... Read more »

How Important is Collegiality?

Ask any law firm managing partner what his or her firm’s culture is like and, more than likely, you’ll hear,... Read more »
An important element of strategic planning for many law firms is the identification of specific areas of practice where the... Read more »

How High is Up?

As a rule, lawyers have a tough time with abstract concepts.  That’s why it surprises me that when law firms... Read more »