Selling a Merger

We’ve seen it dozens of times.  The leaders of two firms work to put together a merger, but when it is introduced to the respective partnerships, the merger gets shot down.  The firm’s managing partners have wasted months on a fruitless effort and are left wondering how this could have happened. The dynamics of selling... Continue Reading »

Managing Partners: Full or Part Time?

There has been a shift in the way law firm managing partners look at their jobs.  Over the past ten... Read more »

Getting in Front of the Curve

A lot is written about the first mover advantage – identifying trends early and pursuing them before competitors.   It’s a... Read more »

White Knight Mergers

Lawyers earn their living by advising clients on how to minimize risk.  Not surprisingly, therefore, risk adversity is a driving... Read more »

The Cold Opening

Law firms are notoriously bad at execution.  They are usually pretty good at planning and plotting strategy, but when it... Read more »